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April 21, 2012
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.: stormbane :. by Wingsonde .: stormbane :. by Wingsonde

Poor Kaisa ... he's broken his wing, chopped-off two of his toes and hurt his eye after being smashed into an island by the gale-force winds D:
Here's the story ...
Bess and Kaisa land on top of the Knight Academy in the late hours of day, her golden hair and his golden feathers illuminated by the orange light of dusk. The navy storm clouds glow with the eerie light as the sun falls below the horizon, leaving a trail of rosy blood in its wake.
Suppressing a giggle, Bess hops off Kaisa and lowers herself over the eave of the building.
"Stay quiet Kaisa, or you'll ruin it!" Bess whispers to her loftwing before dropping down to land on the windowsill.
She steps lightly into the room, placing her feet delicately so to keep the floorboards from creaking.
Her toes wiggle on the red plush carpet as she opens the single wardrobe in the room. On the bottom of the wardrobe, wrapped in red cloth, is the prize. Bess picks it up and replaces it with a garment of the same colour from the back of the cupboard, arranging it so that the missing object still appears to be there.
Snorting with laughter, Bess tip-toes out of the room.
On the roof, Bess sits-down cross-legged and unwraps the prize. The metal glints orange as the pieces chink against eachother. Kaisa bends his head down and Bess puts the helmet on him, grinning.
"You nearly look as grumpy as Seige," Bess mutters. Kaisa narrows his eyes and stares at Bess, making a low growl-like noise in his throat.
Bess scrambles back, eyes wide, "Woah, woah! Better!"
The duo settle down and Bess attaches the battle claws to Kaisa's feet before flying down to the front of the Sparring Hall, where the Residents of Skyloft are trailing in. The space is ringed with lanterns and tables of food. Arren, a new student at the Knight Academy, is playing the lyre and Kina is singing a song called 'Farore's Courage'.
"Hey!" Zyke calls out, "Look who we have here!"
People call out and cheer as Kaisa beats air down on them with his wings. Bess and Kaisa land among the people and are greeted by slaps on the back and laughter.
"How in Skyloft did you get Siege's armour?!?"
"You little rascals!"
"Where's Wren?"
Bess grins, "She's in the bath ... she should be finished about now. Seige is probably hiding somewhere, ready to come out when Wren is ready. He's not very social."
There's an explosion of laughter as Kaisa stomps around with his wings slightly spread, glaring at people and growling in his throat. A perfect immitation of Seige.
Then everything goes quiet. Even Arren and Kina stop. Arren raises his eyebrows at Bess and she turns around.
Wren and Seige.
Wren has her arms crossed, but Bess can tell she's laughing on the inside. "How'd you get into my room?" she asks Bess, and then her voice betrays her and she bursts out laughing. She gives Bess a friendly shove and grins as Kaisa stomps around again, then gives a startled squawk as Seige takes chase. Wren and Bess leap onto their loftwings as the crowd cheers them on. Zyke's loftwing Brillo swoops in and he joins in. Eventually Arren hands the lyre over to Kina and jumps onto his loftwing, Dee.
The yelling of the crowd grows distant as the three loftwings and their riders chase Kaisa and Bess into the storm front.

SO. Here's my entry to the Storm contest over at #Loftwings
Many hours of work ... it's really cartoony, but I just can't make it realistic :shrug:
It's from Zyke's point of view by the way.

Arren and Dee (top left)
Kaisa (center)
Wren and Siege (right)
Bess (bottom right)

Copyright for The Legend of Zelda Nintendo
Copyright for Wren, Seige, Zyke and Brillo *The-Cozmologist |
Copyright for art, Kaisa, Bess, Arren and Dee ~Wingsonde |
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bluekitti13 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh. My. Chopsticks (don't ask).


TheBlackLynx Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
So beautiful.. and I also love the canvas like texture!! ( Legend of the guardians if my favourite movie!!!)
Wingsonde Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much :D
TheBlackLynx Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
No prob!!! :tighthug:
charla316 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
have you seen the movie with the owls
owls of ga'hool
Wingsonde Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I most certainly have :)
It's one of my favourite movies!
charla316 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
this drawing reminds me of it sorta

seen your profile no new drawings after august.
brain rot ?
Wingsonde Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I've been inactive for a while and will be until December / January. I've hit a massive artist's block, and my tablet isn't working which doesn't help.

But my family is going on a road trip in December and I'm bringing my laptop, tablet and other art supplies for the car so I should be back with some new art in January.
it1is1link1not1zelda Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
fuc@#ng amazing
Wingsonde Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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